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Esta montaña d’enfrente Anon (2:00)

Esta montaña d’enfrente Anon

This is a Jewish Sephardic ballad expressing a woman’s yearning for her lover as the sun sets in firey splendour behind the mountains.

    This mountain in front, is on fire and burning.
    There I sought my love: I sit down and weep.
    Flowering tree that I keep in my garden,
    That I grew and nurtured, others now enjoy it.
    I would discover secrets, secrets of my life.
    I would have the sky for paper, the sea I would have for ink.
    The trees for a pen to write of my ills.
    No-one knows of my sorrow, neither strangers nor kin.

Las mis penas, madre Pedro de Escobar (3:24)

Las mis penas, madre Pedro de Escobar

A rustic song about a woman dreaming of her lover in the shade of an orange tree.

    My pains, mother, are from love.
    Go out, my lady, from under the orange tree since you are so beautiful,
    Burn yourself in the air; they are from love.

Puse mis amores Anon (3:33)

Puse mis amores Anon

A young philanderer leaves our heroine feeling cruelly deceived.

    I gave my love to young Fernando.
    Alas, he was married and deceived me cruelly!
    Tell me, boatman, handsome boatman,
    In which of these boats has sweet Fernando gone?

Recercarda primera Diego Ortiz (1:58)

Recercarda primera Diego Ortiz

An instrumental fantasy based on a dance which shows off the virtuosity of the viol.