Who We Are

The Members of Rosafresca

Musical Director

Steve Walter

An accomplished and sensitive arranger of Renaissance music
Steve is the group’s founder and musical inspiration. His interest in Spanish music goes back to a fascination with the classical guitar. As his interest in early music developed, it seemed natural to progress to the vihuela. This was the forerunner of the guitar in Spain, having 11 strings and movable gut frets.Steve is an accomplished performer of the solo guitar and vihuela. He has also played in small ensemble groups providing the musical backdrop for theatre and dance productions. As well as a talented and sensitive arranger of Renaissance music, Steve has developed new and exciting repertoire from fragments of ancient melodies.

Founding Member

Carol Attwood

A passionate and highly adaptable classical musician
Carol is a multi-talented instrumentalist, with a strong feeling for the powerful rhythms of early Spanish music. Like Steve, her first instrument was guitar, but she now plays recorder and other woodwind, plucked strings and a great range of percussion.

Founding Member

Heather Gibbard

An experienced and adaptable baroque connoisseur
Heather is an experienced cellist and viol player having studied baroque cello with Susan Sheppard and viola da gamba with Alison Crum. She has accompanied the vocal group Lyrica for many events, including a recital at the Purcell Room and Royal Albert Hall. She has also worked for many years with the Bristol-based players Musica Mundi. With Rosafresca, she plays a bass viol made by Bob Eyland.